Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Parallax AF

Back in Janaury I was approached by Dr Chris Barlow from about submitting some work for the Parallax Art Fair.

So I submitted a couple of works and the next you know I had been shortlisted and selected for the show.

During my time as artist, curator, viewer and buyer I've not come across many people who have really provided a first class service.

Maybe Harry Mafuji when he had his gallery in Dalston and later when he  invited me to guest curate Century Gallery in Hoxton. (which I do miss) 

However it did have its hiccups and horror stories... I will never forget that for foads " misadventure" exhibition our guests didn't receive the gallery invite. It transpired that Harry's team had sent invites to the previous persons guest list. Thankfully we kept our email list and our audience got the personal call or email the week before the show.

Harry did mention about a year later that it had been one of the most attended shows he had witnessed at the Century Gallery... I won't mention the missing artwork as that's another story....(could do a blog on some of the mishaps, mistakes and misgivings that I've witnessed)

Back to now, the Parallax team are doing a networking event on Friday evening. When I read the invite again earlier I realised that I'm going to have to get my evening suit out of storage! And maybe even buy a new tie!

If you are in London and want to come to the show check the for more details...

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