Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bucks Open Studios

The opening weekend is fast approaching for the opening studios and I'm getting rather excited. Its been almost a year since we moved to Burnham Village and I've had quite a productive period for making art. 

My studio space in Slough in 2009/2010 was the starting point of this blog. The conservatory space which was very hot in summer and very cold in summer meant painting time was limited.

Since moving west by about four miles, I've made more contacts, sold more and created some stunning new work. 

Getting back into sculpture has been a really worthwhile experience and having access to a pottery studio in Wycombe has meant that painting has been less regular. to see all the other great artists....

I'll be posting during the course of the open studios as well as trying to involve some people on the "day off" project.

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