Tuesday, July 27, 2010

d-a-o-f the exhibition & the Biennale…

d-a-o-f the exhibition & the Biennale…

Thank you to all visitors, friends family and new faces. It was a really enjoyable three weekends and had wished that I’d been able to open everyday. Unfortunately the day job got in the way!

high tide @ turnstone
Big thanks to Derek for allowing me to use Turnstone for the exhibition. Great space, fantastic location and felt that everyone who attended wanted to come back again and again.

The Art bit….
double shadow

making art
The project kicked off with people suggesting ideas for shared days out. This ranged from making cakes through to sailing, playing tennis, reading books, whilst drinking homemade lemonade. There were a few more suggestions but probably not appropriate to post up!

My favourite experience of the Biennale was probably the last day; we created some art, went for a walkabout around Whitstable and met some cool people.

favourite boat in Whitstable
Internal States -Kati Saqui and Julia Riddiough’s caravan reminded me of a trip around some of my early misadventures in art and travel. It combined a series of images and words mapping times and places we may have all travelled to at some point in our recent history. Powerful and refreshing at the same time.. www.internalstates.blogspot.com/

internal states & knit bike
Moving House- Heidi Plant’s project which reminded me of a similar idea when somebody had pinched a garden gnome from my old local pub, photographed it on location then sent the post cards home. Really wanted to see the show but missed by half hour it as I hadn’t checked the times! http://www.heidiplant.com/
 Operation Knit-Bike- very funny, thought it would be good to take to Holland and try out…http://www.incogknito.com/
 Caxton Contemporary & Lisa Pettersson, I didn’t make the private view as it was on at the same time as mine! However, I did manage to get a peek and really enjoyed the paintings and the gallery space. Lisa’s colour and composition did capture the “I do like to be beside the seaside” moment and did make me reminisce of seaside holidays in Cromer, Scarborough, Southsea and Bognor!http://www.lisapettersson.com/  and http://www.caxtoncontemporary.co.uk/

Did take in some other art opportunities and didn’t really want to say too much apart from it was a really exciting excellent experience and glad to be part of the whole Biennale project. I didn't manage to view or attend every show but I'll make a point of doing next time! 
Thought that the curators Kate & Sue did a grand job of putting it together and keeping everybody involved throughout.

beer time
Whitstable Biennale was a success, I've made some new friends, involved & engaged people in the daof project and sold one of my favourite skull paintings!