Monday, June 28, 2010

dissapointing day off

A disappointing day off

On 15th June 2010, I used the website to enquire about wakeboarding and kitesurfing in Kent. Had a couple of companies come back to me saying that they could get us a lesson for the weekend of 26th/27th June?


One company contacted me immediately and offered up a lesson time as they were rapidly filling up but I wasn’t able to confirm as I needed to check it was convenient.

The other company seemed to be more tailored and the reply went-

“Sure we can get you and another in for the weekend of 26/27 June! I just need a mobile number to put you into the diary!”

We left Kent at about 4.20pm yesterday and it wasn’t the fact that England had gone out of the world cup or that it had been a quieter weekend for people viewing the exhibition or the text from friends surfing perfect waves in North Devon. It would have been helpful if Kent kite surfing (KKS) had called or responded to our emails. We came up with several abbreviations for KKS and our thoughts on the situation and thought we’d not waste the webspace.

So with the time which we would have spent on the water, we managed to take some photo’s….


Older person on jet ski

Seasalter basking in lovely sunshine and little wind

Shell Skull

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