Monday, June 21, 2010

“day off"

 The exhibition….week one.

Although the weather outside was pretty awful it did dampen the visitors spirits. I’d spent Saturday afternoon doing some public relation work in Whitstable. I’d managed to talk to some really excited and interested parties and a few people who couldn’t make it as they had travelled down from London on the Biennale Bus and were heading back before 6pm..


There was a great buzz about town and this carried on long into the evening. Our visitors came from far and wide; one couple coming from South Africa and another gentleman had spent 24 hours travelling from Galway, Ireland. We had some lovely and lively locals attended and most viewers were able to comment on their ideal “day off” and offered up invites to join then on a future day out and day in! (I’ll post some of the picture cards up over the next week or so).

A big thank you to all my sponsors and everyone who managed to brave the weather as it was great to see you.

Looking forward to next weekend as better weathers on its way!

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