Tuesday, April 06, 2010



Funny day today and a bit on the spooky side with skull-a-day.

This is how it goes...

I was about to post up my Easter "day offs" and got sidetracked checking the blogger dashboard. Citizen Agent @ skull-a-day had posted my silver skull painting up skulladay.blogspot.com/2010/04/silver-skull-1.html .  (thanks for that).

The date of the post was Easter Monday and was told earlier today that my grandfather died late Sunday night/early Sunday morning.

So maybe I'll change the title and call it "Jesus Grandpa!"

Spooky weird coincidence or just bad timing?

God rest his skull.....

I liked Screen C's comment note and I did make some previous work for an exhibition aptly titled "...by misdaventure" 

"Skull (after)" was created by accident, it was meant to be a rotation of colour, shape and area. However, after the final layer of paint, I  looked and thought "$hit!" thats a rainbow swaztika!

It was intended to upset anybody, rather to celebrate an exploration of line, colour, space and composition.

Image from "...by misadventure"

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