Monday, April 26, 2010

Ride The Hill Vert Jam

Ride The Hill Vert Jam

Was meant to put this blog up last week but have been busy with the Arts Fair.

The day was warm, the riders were hot and it turned out to be a spicy event!

It's fair to say that the guys over at Remolition, BFC and Ride The Hill have posted up words and pictures to match the day.

I did spend several hours playing on the quiet slopes during the day but as it was hitting 20C it was time to sit and watch the guys havin it!

Not going to list all the riders but must say hats off to y’all especially, Mr Crowhurst, Mr Brind, RTH and the BFC.

Maybe next year, I’ll enter, but maybe not.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KnW Artworks

KnW Artworks-

the website:

the words: Dan and I are showing at Reading, so we thought we'd put together a website. It's going to grow and will be our online portal for art related projects.

the when, why, what: when ever your online, why don't you see whats going on.....

Count Down to Reading CAF

Its almost here, the first exhibition of the year! If you haven't seen the email, check the website

Let me know if you would like to attend, would be great to see you.

I'm quite excited about the show because I've been busy making work and am looking forward to meeting lots of new people.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Funny day today and a bit on the spooky side with skull-a-day.

This is how it goes...

I was about to post up my Easter "day offs" and got sidetracked checking the blogger dashboard. Citizen Agent @ skull-a-day had posted my silver skull painting up .  (thanks for that).

The date of the post was Easter Monday and was told earlier today that my grandfather died late Sunday night/early Sunday morning.

So maybe I'll change the title and call it "Jesus Grandpa!"

Spooky weird coincidence or just bad timing?

God rest his skull.....

I liked Screen C's comment note and I did make some previous work for an exhibition aptly titled " misdaventure" 

"Skull (after)" was created by accident, it was meant to be a rotation of colour, shape and area. However, after the final layer of paint, I  looked and thought "$hit!" thats a rainbow swaztika!

It was intended to upset anybody, rather to celebrate an exploration of line, colour, space and composition.

Image from " misadventure"