Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Lotty

The Lotty

On Saturday whilst the girls were off shopping, yours truly went to work in the allotment with Derek. As it was mother in law weekend, my gift for her was to roll up the sleeves, break out the elbow grease and getting digging. Funny thing was that I enjoyed it.

Most visits to Kent include a trip to the allotment, normally it’s a quick pick over of the seasonal vegetables or to transfer some plants or catch up with one of the neighbouring plot owners.

Hugh, leaning over the fence told us a great parrot joke, which will probably have to be reserved to a time and place more appropriate than this blog.

With a smile on my face I got back to my digging and moving of the poached egg plants. We cleared some chalk root, removed some dandelions and recycled some of last year’s beetroots on the compost heap.

We decided that we had achieved a number of tasks and was unable to tie the raspberry canes in because we didn’t have the right string. I would of used bailer twine but apparently it’s not appropriate in Kent.

It’s a well known fact that if you removed all the bailer twine in Devon the county would fall down and Cornwall would float away.

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