Monday, March 22, 2010

The British Leisure Show (thanks to the sponsors)

The British Leisure Show (thanks to the sponsors)

The host venue was Windsor Race Course which was an appropriate venue, well organised and able to facilitate all attendees, us included.
We were kindly given “access” to the British Leisure Show on Sunday by MBS Europe. It was a great opportunity to see what “British” people do on their days off.

On arrival at the main gate parked next to a ferrari we spotted a “delorean” (back to the future fame) with its own flux capacitor and sign stating that it was often used for the school run.

Tom Beaton team manager, MBS Europe (thanks to the sponsors) greeted us and gave us our passes. We now had access all areas to view lots of potential days off.
Inside we quickly passed the token climbing wall, bungee jump, bouncy castles, burger stands, lost kid and headed towards the participant arena. The conduit of human traffic and associated pets along the main “thoroughfare” meant that my footwork was akin to MJ’s moonwalk and crossing hot coals barefoot. It was slug pace at best.

Obstacles ranging from excited dogs, tiny children, squidgy puddles, great grandmother Ethel (who had recently parted with her hearing and walking aids) and a golf buggy determined to take down anything in its path were between us and the participant arena.

However, it did give us the opportunity to look at some of the trade stalls en route.

At first the most inappropriate stall was relating to British Leisure was a company selling “patio effects”, deluxe paving slabs if you like. Then I thought that it was probably a good idea given that the British tend to treat their “back yards” as an external room. A strong choice of stone surfaces on which to put patio & garden furniture.   

We continued onwards and passed the ever increasing scales of recreational vehicles, from the electric bike through to the Winnebago and the boogie board up to the super deluxe yacht.

As we neared the participant arena, the MBS Europe demo ramp became visible.

The demo crew consisted of Tom Kirkman, Tom Read, Tuai Lovejoy, Matt Brind, Jamie J and a few other familiar faces hosted by Mr Rhys Crilly.

The demo kicked off and the guys were putting on a great show for the masses. Stalled 360’s, backflips, frontflips, 720’s corked 5’s.

It was a feast of freestyle boarding and because the previous two days rain had stopped play, you could see the guys going for it.

We then watched the kite demo. It was billed as high performance flying with the Scratch Bunnies. Synchronised kite flying. Looking at  the performers alone made me think is this line dancing 2010? One two and step...

We had a wander round some of the remaining stalls, drank sarsaparilla, tried red devil cheese and korma dips for free. We then came to the winner for the most inappropriate stall. It was they hippy selling dream catchers, dragon paraphernalia and all things you can’t give away on ebay.

After walking past the umpteenth Ferrari, horse & tweed themed stall, the waft of chlorine from the hot tubs, my interest in British Leisure was waning.

Overall, I don't think there was a product that tempted me to part with any monies. It was a good to learn about what other people do on their day off.

Thanks again to sponsors

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