Sunday, March 07, 2010

Aston Hill (the unofficial Remolition Training Facility)

Aston Hill (the unofficial Remolition Training Facility)

Today was all about free riding. You turn up to a hill and think as long as it goes downwards, has a few features, makes your eyes water and puts a grin on your mud covered face, you can sign the disclaimer.

I had arrived at the Aston Hill Mountain bike facility a little earlier than the others. The car park was filling up with vehicles laden with expensive bikes and kit. I doubt that I could get a mortgage for the bike that was placed next to my car!

The forestry commission ranger was circling like a kite; she’d taken some monies from the bikers and proceeded towards me. She looked at the car and asked if I was riding but couldn’t see my bike. She said £7 and that she’d be back in an hour or so.

Roger, Smiley, Wilz and the Reading boys turned up and we headed towards the woods... En route we came across one biker who clearly “made us aware of the riding rules, that somebody got real hurt on one of those things and that we should head for the far side of the hill”.

Did somebody phone ahead and say, here’s our plan today? It involves heading for the far side....Dope!

We hit the boarder X, the top berms were slow but everything else was quick and after a couple of runs it was pick a line and go. We all found that the bx had ticked the boxes; “air, berm, kicker, road jump, drop off!”

The next part of the “far side” was the cross country course. A single track winding through tress that went into a ditch run, into a technical edging round trees section and then into a big speed drop. When we looked back up the hill, the horseshoe shape and gradient made it a great scope for development. A potential for a Remolition training facility and it’s one of those places that would take all that much work. We spent about ten minutes clearing logs and it opened up several lines, imagine if we had spent an hour!

We headed back to the cars and as we didn’t see the ranger, it was a free ticked.

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  1. another dope day in the chilterns, wilz pulling photo diary together to go up on rem sometime this week.

    Also I think the "no mate not with one of them in here mate" bike was taking about a couple of bikers who got hurt recently and was worried if don't pay then you aren't covered by their insurance.

    It's all about you might hurt youself and sue me these days. Even in places were you are riding about on big wheelie toys.