Friday, February 05, 2010

West Wycombe, Bradenham Woods and Cover Shots

I could still feel the Duvel & Leffe running through my veins and into the brain from the previous night.


As soon as we got out of the car, walked the first hill and stood at the top of the woods, the leftover hangover dispersed into the cool cold air of the Chilterns. What didn’t help was the snail pace ride back down the car park and return journey to the same spot to meet the Remolition crew.

Five minutes later and we’re cruising and I snap out of the dozy, should be at home in bed feeling. Twenty minutes later and the adrenalin’s pushed any remnants of alcohol into the distant past.... 
Bradenham Woods had some good challenging rides and a layer of chalk slush from head to toe made us look like we’d fallen into one of Willie Wonkers white chocolate machines....

The Rem crew where doing some unreal tree lovin and huggin see remolition cover shot.

A quick trip across the valley and onto West Wycombe Hill provided the final fun part of the day.

Could probably put some more words down but I think pictures capture another great day out.

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