Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sculpted Skulls

I had five days off in a row and got busy creating new art work. 

The skull above was created to contain an organic object and found that an aloe vera plant had the best visual impact! (I did try an orchid, a catus and a peace lily but they just didn't work!)

I'd been reading Waynes' blog waynechisnall.blogspot.com and he mentioned that skulladay.blogspot.com was a top blog.  Skulladay inspired me to spend the best part of a day viewing a whole webiste loaded full of skulls!!

And this one of my reponses....

Sliver Skull 1

Over four days I created five skulls, it could have been more but ran out of canvas and black paint. Roll on the weekend!

Long Live Skull a day!

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