Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wonderful Wendover Woods

Triple W (wonderful wendover woods)

Thursday morning we hit Wendover Woods, we almost didn’t because we had not brought enough change for a full days parking (£5). Luckily we managed to pay until 2.54pm, enough for a few rides.

Although we rode a portion of Wendover last October, it had been several years since we headed to the South West facing side. And it was worth it, fairly dry underfoot, most of the areas clear of debris and the sun was breaking out from behind the clouds.

Wendover was pretty quiet, one horse, a few “older” dog walkers, several small groups of retired ladies with the “golf widow” look about them and about 3 bikers.

What I like about Wendover is that there’s a number of lines and runs that have yet to be explored and this was true of a couple of finds. We hit one area near to “bananas” which was very quick running and pictured above.

Smilie Speed Sliding

We talked about hitting the North side all day but en route we kept finding another run or an exciting feature.

dr evilc, smilie, clive, jon and jg

I can see the pull of Wendover from a non boarder experience, the gliders swirling past a few feet overhead, the linear evergreen forest sections, the smell of pine and the entrapment of the horseshoe valley makes it a worthwhile day off. Not quite alpine but enough height to give you value for money and the hot chocolate at the cafe afterwards was close as we where going to get to that Courchevel feeling....

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