Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lovin Leith

Leith Hill is great.

We arrived this weekend and found only one other vehicle in the "busy windy gap" car park and it belonged to somebody I used to work with in central London. He and his girlfriend with their poodle, were heading up to the Tower, we were moving to another part of the hill.

I would say that we've mapped about a quarter of Leith hill (south west side). We've found a mix of trails including fire tracks, road runs, single track, quarry with kickers, bomb holes and some other great features.....
We saw a few bikes, no horses and some "junior rangers" clearing or coppicing an area of silver birch..
Although it was pretty sodden under foot, it was worth exploring every track because they all had something to offer......

This place is going to be going off in the summer.......or when it's been dry for a few days.

"The Quarry with kickers, drop ins and a digger load of other gnarly stuff..."

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  1. cool that all looks like some pretty good shrednige, all be it a soggy at the mo.