Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wonderful Wendover Woods

Triple W (wonderful wendover woods)

Thursday morning we hit Wendover Woods, we almost didn’t because we had not brought enough change for a full days parking (£5). Luckily we managed to pay until 2.54pm, enough for a few rides.

Although we rode a portion of Wendover last October, it had been several years since we headed to the South West facing side. And it was worth it, fairly dry underfoot, most of the areas clear of debris and the sun was breaking out from behind the clouds.

Wendover was pretty quiet, one horse, a few “older” dog walkers, several small groups of retired ladies with the “golf widow” look about them and about 3 bikers.

What I like about Wendover is that there’s a number of lines and runs that have yet to be explored and this was true of a couple of finds. We hit one area near to “bananas” which was very quick running and pictured above.

Smilie Speed Sliding

We talked about hitting the North side all day but en route we kept finding another run or an exciting feature.

dr evilc, smilie, clive, jon and jg

I can see the pull of Wendover from a non boarder experience, the gliders swirling past a few feet overhead, the linear evergreen forest sections, the smell of pine and the entrapment of the horseshoe valley makes it a worthwhile day off. Not quite alpine but enough height to give you value for money and the hot chocolate at the cafe afterwards was close as we where going to get to that Courchevel feeling....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lovin Leith

Leith Hill is great.

We arrived this weekend and found only one other vehicle in the "busy windy gap" car park and it belonged to somebody I used to work with in central London. He and his girlfriend with their poodle, were heading up to the Tower, we were moving to another part of the hill.

I would say that we've mapped about a quarter of Leith hill (south west side). We've found a mix of trails including fire tracks, road runs, single track, quarry with kickers, bomb holes and some other great features.....
We saw a few bikes, no horses and some "junior rangers" clearing or coppicing an area of silver birch..
Although it was pretty sodden under foot, it was worth exploring every track because they all had something to offer......

This place is going to be going off in the summer.......or when it's been dry for a few days.

"The Quarry with kickers, drop ins and a digger load of other gnarly stuff..."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Leith Hill "the south side"

Car park was teaming with walkers, dogs, horses, pink plastic pushchair type things and us. They all headed north up the really steep bit to the tower, we went south and it was worth it. Really worth it.

Enough hill to make sure we'll be back again and again and maybe again.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Loop Paintings

One of fourteen new paintings.... Yippee!

It was raining heaps today, so thought it was best to crack on with some art.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

White Hill White Out (of the way)

We took a bit of an Off Piste attitude on Sunday. Whilst the masses, played safe on Boxhill, we sneaked round the corner on to Juniper Hill and then to the aptly titled White Hill.

It took almost half hour to walk Juniper Hill and then five minutes to get down, slower than normal because of the six inches of snow under foot!

We knew time was against us and thought we would take a risk and head for the road run. We sneaked up a private road and hot stepped it to the top of the run, jumped onto boards and off we went. As the snow passed underfoot, we headed at speed down the road, taking in the cool air, the twists and turns of the run. Whiteness covered everything. It really was getting towards blizzard, a real white out.

We decided to have another run and this was going to be last run of the day until we got to the bottom where a farmer told us "that we were almost entering private land and we couldn't access the main road".

The words that entered my head wasn't "I think these farmer folk are lovely people and that they do have a social conscience!"

He knew that by making us head back towards Juniper Hill we would be pitched in darkness and possibly up to waist high in snow at best. We had two options, jump the fence and wade through about a mile and a half of knee high snow in the farmer’s field or walk a 100 yards and see if we could try and get down another hill.

We got down the hill pretty quick, although at one point the snow drift was too much for the board and it disappeared into a clump of whiteness! I couldn't see or feel anything below my knees!

We sneaked through (possibly the farmers cottage), made dogs bark and got back to the car park, drank coffee, laughed and headed off home.....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The tallest hill in Surrey with a tower on top!

The tallest hill in Surrey, has more runs than we could possibly ride in one day. We were on the hill for about four hours, saw about 100 bikers, 150 walkers, 2 horses and still didn't run into anyone or anything. Smashed a hub, got a puncture, walked a mile or ten and enjoyed it, so much that it's lined up for at least another month of rides......

We love the Surrey Hills and all the people who took time out to say hi and enquire about our oversized skateboards......

Happy New Year!

The day after the night before or the start of a new decade.....for some....

After cooking the last chilli deluxxe of the decade we drank, we danced, we laughed, we sang! We fell asleep! The younger people got up an watched Harry Potter and the elders prepared the Fry!

Then came the walk along the beach at Seasalter to clear the cobwebs and then reflected; "what a cracking decade of day offs!"

Let's see what the new year brings...