Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blend Crafter

Blend Crafter

Blend Crafter

the book- just thought I'd put some recent artwork into a book. Was a really useful excercise and looks great on any table (including wonky ones with skulls on) 

Worth having a look at the photoboxsite, if you want to join or subscribe, let me know and I'll link you into some discounts.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

d-a-o-f the exhibition & the Biennale…

d-a-o-f the exhibition & the Biennale…

Thank you to all visitors, friends family and new faces. It was a really enjoyable three weekends and had wished that I’d been able to open everyday. Unfortunately the day job got in the way!

high tide @ turnstone
Big thanks to Derek for allowing me to use Turnstone for the exhibition. Great space, fantastic location and felt that everyone who attended wanted to come back again and again.

The Art bit….
double shadow

making art
The project kicked off with people suggesting ideas for shared days out. This ranged from making cakes through to sailing, playing tennis, reading books, whilst drinking homemade lemonade. There were a few more suggestions but probably not appropriate to post up!

My favourite experience of the Biennale was probably the last day; we created some art, went for a walkabout around Whitstable and met some cool people.

favourite boat in Whitstable
Internal States -Kati Saqui and Julia Riddiough’s caravan reminded me of a trip around some of my early misadventures in art and travel. It combined a series of images and words mapping times and places we may have all travelled to at some point in our recent history. Powerful and refreshing at the same time..

internal states & knit bike
Moving House- Heidi Plant’s project which reminded me of a similar idea when somebody had pinched a garden gnome from my old local pub, photographed it on location then sent the post cards home. Really wanted to see the show but missed by half hour it as I hadn’t checked the times!
 Operation Knit-Bike- very funny, thought it would be good to take to Holland and try out…
 Caxton Contemporary & Lisa Pettersson, I didn’t make the private view as it was on at the same time as mine! However, I did manage to get a peek and really enjoyed the paintings and the gallery space. Lisa’s colour and composition did capture the “I do like to be beside the seaside” moment and did make me reminisce of seaside holidays in Cromer, Scarborough, Southsea and Bognor!  and

Did take in some other art opportunities and didn’t really want to say too much apart from it was a really exciting excellent experience and glad to be part of the whole Biennale project. I didn't manage to view or attend every show but I'll make a point of doing next time! 
Thought that the curators Kate & Sue did a grand job of putting it together and keeping everybody involved throughout.

beer time
Whitstable Biennale was a success, I've made some new friends, involved & engaged people in the daof project and sold one of my favourite skull paintings!

Monday, June 28, 2010

dissapointing day off

A disappointing day off

On 15th June 2010, I used the website to enquire about wakeboarding and kitesurfing in Kent. Had a couple of companies come back to me saying that they could get us a lesson for the weekend of 26th/27th June?


One company contacted me immediately and offered up a lesson time as they were rapidly filling up but I wasn’t able to confirm as I needed to check it was convenient.

The other company seemed to be more tailored and the reply went-

“Sure we can get you and another in for the weekend of 26/27 June! I just need a mobile number to put you into the diary!”

We left Kent at about 4.20pm yesterday and it wasn’t the fact that England had gone out of the world cup or that it had been a quieter weekend for people viewing the exhibition or the text from friends surfing perfect waves in North Devon. It would have been helpful if Kent kite surfing (KKS) had called or responded to our emails. We came up with several abbreviations for KKS and our thoughts on the situation and thought we’d not waste the webspace.

So with the time which we would have spent on the water, we managed to take some photo’s….


Older person on jet ski

Seasalter basking in lovely sunshine and little wind

Shell Skull

Monday, June 21, 2010

“day off"

 The exhibition….week one.

Although the weather outside was pretty awful it did dampen the visitors spirits. I’d spent Saturday afternoon doing some public relation work in Whitstable. I’d managed to talk to some really excited and interested parties and a few people who couldn’t make it as they had travelled down from London on the Biennale Bus and were heading back before 6pm..


There was a great buzz about town and this carried on long into the evening. Our visitors came from far and wide; one couple coming from South Africa and another gentleman had spent 24 hours travelling from Galway, Ireland. We had some lovely and lively locals attended and most viewers were able to comment on their ideal “day off” and offered up invites to join then on a future day out and day in! (I’ll post some of the picture cards up over the next week or so).

A big thank you to all my sponsors and everyone who managed to brave the weather as it was great to see you.

Looking forward to next weekend as better weathers on its way!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

day off poster

day off poster

Print off and put it on your fridge, noticeboard, window, computer. Use it as as a screen saver, place matt or make that t-shirt...

email your friends, let everyone know that the show is going to be a cracker......and make sure to check out

and say hi on facebook

days off in devon

days off in devon

bank holiday, sat in traffic for five hours, passed a crash or two en route to devon. Followed the fastest caravan ever hitting speeds of 65mph on A roads.... yeah law breaking caravan drivers....

the weekend had it all, good surf, great weather and plenty of visual treats.

We took a walk around morte point and saw two seals, a variety of seabirds and suicidal sheep.

I wish I had booked the whole week off as the surf was pumping, the sun was booked in for half term and i hear its barbeque season.

roll on the next bank holiday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"day off" the exhibition

"day off"

the exhibition

The blog has been captured online, in a book and now and exhibition and project during the Whitstable Biennale 2010.

the details:

Location: Turnstone, 215 Faversham Road, Seasalter, Kent

Dates: Saturday 19th June 2010 6-8pm (private view), Sunday 20th June 10-2pm, Saturday 26th June and Sunday 27th June 10-3pm. Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th July 10-3pm.

"day off"

the project

To create work based on inspired days in or out using a variety of media.

The event is an opportunity to see some exciting art created in response to an online journal. Come along, bring a friend, get involved and enjoy your day off!

"Today could be the perfect opportunity to do something different, maybe create something new, venture into unknown territory or attempt to record a day off in a media friendly way.”


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Day Off

May Day Off

It's fair to say that I've been blog lazy the past few weeks. Probably due to my last blog being deleted by accident (user error-back button) and lost my blog on the RCAF art show. Will put another post once I've got the pictures back!

The flower (bellis) above is the first flower of May to come up in the garden.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ride The Hill Vert Jam

Ride The Hill Vert Jam

Was meant to put this blog up last week but have been busy with the Arts Fair.

The day was warm, the riders were hot and it turned out to be a spicy event!

It's fair to say that the guys over at Remolition, BFC and Ride The Hill have posted up words and pictures to match the day.

I did spend several hours playing on the quiet slopes during the day but as it was hitting 20C it was time to sit and watch the guys havin it!

Not going to list all the riders but must say hats off to y’all especially, Mr Crowhurst, Mr Brind, RTH and the BFC.

Maybe next year, I’ll enter, but maybe not.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KnW Artworks

KnW Artworks-

the website:

the words: Dan and I are showing at Reading, so we thought we'd put together a website. It's going to grow and will be our online portal for art related projects.

the when, why, what: when ever your online, why don't you see whats going on.....

Count Down to Reading CAF

Its almost here, the first exhibition of the year! If you haven't seen the email, check the website

Let me know if you would like to attend, would be great to see you.

I'm quite excited about the show because I've been busy making work and am looking forward to meeting lots of new people.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Funny day today and a bit on the spooky side with skull-a-day.

This is how it goes...

I was about to post up my Easter "day offs" and got sidetracked checking the blogger dashboard. Citizen Agent @ skull-a-day had posted my silver skull painting up .  (thanks for that).

The date of the post was Easter Monday and was told earlier today that my grandfather died late Sunday night/early Sunday morning.

So maybe I'll change the title and call it "Jesus Grandpa!"

Spooky weird coincidence or just bad timing?

God rest his skull.....

I liked Screen C's comment note and I did make some previous work for an exhibition aptly titled " misdaventure" 

"Skull (after)" was created by accident, it was meant to be a rotation of colour, shape and area. However, after the final layer of paint, I  looked and thought "$hit!" thats a rainbow swaztika!

It was intended to upset anybody, rather to celebrate an exploration of line, colour, space and composition.

Image from " misadventure"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You’ve read the Blog now view the Book!

You’ve read the Blog now view the Book!

When is a day off not a day off?

When you are working on researching your favourite top forty photographs for a book!

My manager and better half suggested that instead of storing my pictures on the computer’s hard drive to put a selection together for a hardback book.

I think after about five evenings and two half days last week I finalised the images for the book.

So here it is, “Day Off” forty original, amazing days off captured in photographs.

Admittedly some of the images are older than the blog but they do summarise “inspired days in and days out”.
There is a story for every image but that's another project in progress!

The book is a platform for my photography and will be on display at the Reading Contemporary Art Fair next month.

Check this site for more information and watch the blog cause it’s going to get busy...

Monday, March 22, 2010

The British Leisure Show (thanks to the sponsors)

The British Leisure Show (thanks to the sponsors)

The host venue was Windsor Race Course which was an appropriate venue, well organised and able to facilitate all attendees, us included.
We were kindly given “access” to the British Leisure Show on Sunday by MBS Europe. It was a great opportunity to see what “British” people do on their days off.

On arrival at the main gate parked next to a ferrari we spotted a “delorean” (back to the future fame) with its own flux capacitor and sign stating that it was often used for the school run.

Tom Beaton team manager, MBS Europe (thanks to the sponsors) greeted us and gave us our passes. We now had access all areas to view lots of potential days off.
Inside we quickly passed the token climbing wall, bungee jump, bouncy castles, burger stands, lost kid and headed towards the participant arena. The conduit of human traffic and associated pets along the main “thoroughfare” meant that my footwork was akin to MJ’s moonwalk and crossing hot coals barefoot. It was slug pace at best.

Obstacles ranging from excited dogs, tiny children, squidgy puddles, great grandmother Ethel (who had recently parted with her hearing and walking aids) and a golf buggy determined to take down anything in its path were between us and the participant arena.

However, it did give us the opportunity to look at some of the trade stalls en route.

At first the most inappropriate stall was relating to British Leisure was a company selling “patio effects”, deluxe paving slabs if you like. Then I thought that it was probably a good idea given that the British tend to treat their “back yards” as an external room. A strong choice of stone surfaces on which to put patio & garden furniture.   

We continued onwards and passed the ever increasing scales of recreational vehicles, from the electric bike through to the Winnebago and the boogie board up to the super deluxe yacht.

As we neared the participant arena, the MBS Europe demo ramp became visible.

The demo crew consisted of Tom Kirkman, Tom Read, Tuai Lovejoy, Matt Brind, Jamie J and a few other familiar faces hosted by Mr Rhys Crilly.

The demo kicked off and the guys were putting on a great show for the masses. Stalled 360’s, backflips, frontflips, 720’s corked 5’s.

It was a feast of freestyle boarding and because the previous two days rain had stopped play, you could see the guys going for it.

We then watched the kite demo. It was billed as high performance flying with the Scratch Bunnies. Synchronised kite flying. Looking at  the performers alone made me think is this line dancing 2010? One two and step...

We had a wander round some of the remaining stalls, drank sarsaparilla, tried red devil cheese and korma dips for free. We then came to the winner for the most inappropriate stall. It was they hippy selling dream catchers, dragon paraphernalia and all things you can’t give away on ebay.

After walking past the umpteenth Ferrari, horse & tweed themed stall, the waft of chlorine from the hot tubs, my interest in British Leisure was waning.

Overall, I don't think there was a product that tempted me to part with any monies. It was a good to learn about what other people do on their day off.

Thanks again to sponsors

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Paintings

Spring just arrived

These paintings have been inspired by the recent burst of sunshine and the first signs of spring.

They were probably realised at some point last year but didn’t fit into the timetable.

If I was being critical, I would have made the image bigger. I’ve got some other work on the go, notably a picture book and some smaller pieces for the Reading Contemporary Art Show next month.

The Lotty

The Lotty

On Saturday whilst the girls were off shopping, yours truly went to work in the allotment with Derek. As it was mother in law weekend, my gift for her was to roll up the sleeves, break out the elbow grease and getting digging. Funny thing was that I enjoyed it.

Most visits to Kent include a trip to the allotment, normally it’s a quick pick over of the seasonal vegetables or to transfer some plants or catch up with one of the neighbouring plot owners.

Hugh, leaning over the fence told us a great parrot joke, which will probably have to be reserved to a time and place more appropriate than this blog.

With a smile on my face I got back to my digging and moving of the poached egg plants. We cleared some chalk root, removed some dandelions and recycled some of last year’s beetroots on the compost heap.

We decided that we had achieved a number of tasks and was unable to tie the raspberry canes in because we didn’t have the right string. I would of used bailer twine but apparently it’s not appropriate in Kent.

It’s a well known fact that if you removed all the bailer twine in Devon the county would fall down and Cornwall would float away.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Aston Hill (the unofficial Remolition Training Facility)

Aston Hill (the unofficial Remolition Training Facility)

Today was all about free riding. You turn up to a hill and think as long as it goes downwards, has a few features, makes your eyes water and puts a grin on your mud covered face, you can sign the disclaimer.

I had arrived at the Aston Hill Mountain bike facility a little earlier than the others. The car park was filling up with vehicles laden with expensive bikes and kit. I doubt that I could get a mortgage for the bike that was placed next to my car!

The forestry commission ranger was circling like a kite; she’d taken some monies from the bikers and proceeded towards me. She looked at the car and asked if I was riding but couldn’t see my bike. She said £7 and that she’d be back in an hour or so.

Roger, Smiley, Wilz and the Reading boys turned up and we headed towards the woods... En route we came across one biker who clearly “made us aware of the riding rules, that somebody got real hurt on one of those things and that we should head for the far side of the hill”.

Did somebody phone ahead and say, here’s our plan today? It involves heading for the far side....Dope!

We hit the boarder X, the top berms were slow but everything else was quick and after a couple of runs it was pick a line and go. We all found that the bx had ticked the boxes; “air, berm, kicker, road jump, drop off!”

The next part of the “far side” was the cross country course. A single track winding through tress that went into a ditch run, into a technical edging round trees section and then into a big speed drop. When we looked back up the hill, the horseshoe shape and gradient made it a great scope for development. A potential for a Remolition training facility and it’s one of those places that would take all that much work. We spent about ten minutes clearing logs and it opened up several lines, imagine if we had spent an hour!

We headed back to the cars and as we didn’t see the ranger, it was a free ticked.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Devonia (we love ya)

Devonia (we love ya)

Did a whistle stop tour to North Devon on the weekend and walked my old play ground.

Back in the good old days, where protection amounted to a bit of sun cream and a sports beer, I looked on with veteran eyes. What appeared to be a no go five years ago now seemed to be part of a funky new line or extra obstacle. A playground of evolution, good when I was newbie, greater as an intermediate. And the more I looked, the more possibilities opened up.

And the best thing is that the lane back to the house doesn’t change, a little bit of manure here, a tiny flow of water there but still enough to make the eyes water.

A reminiscent trip to Devonia around some of the finest and most striking countryside has got be done this summer. Check you diaries......

Cliff Drop as requested....