Sunday, December 06, 2009

St Martha's Hill or Sandcastles at 160m above sea level

Ode to the Kentatb crew

Ian from Kent's finest mountainboarding crew, suggested that Martha's Hill in Surrey could be a really good place for a day out riding.

Martha's Hill is just south of Guildford, part of the North Downs Way, has amazing views, widing ranging foliage and is used by horse riders, old persons with sticks and men with oversized skateboards...

As field reports go, imagine riding an oversized sandcastle littered with beach related debris and you've got Martha's Hill. Plenty of runs twisting through pine trees and sandstone boulder avenues, it made for a perfect inland day at the beach. 

Next time we'll bring the buckets and spades and sculpt a huge great sandcastle with a big draw bridge or a ramp up to it.

Run of the day was from the Church to the west side car park as it had something for everyone.  

Great day out

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