Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some New Paintings

Skull Ride, Sports Beer and Rocket Run

Ice Cream, Boneshaker and Perfect Day 1

Each picture has it's own story from a day out mountainboarding this year.

Skull Ride- Early May 2009, we hit a spot in north Surrey, not far from the M25. We hit a run which got very fast, then narrow and went into a blind corner, the last thing I saw was the stinging nettles and the sound of Evilc saying "watch out!" I walked away with a face full of stings.

Sports Beer- Dedicated to all spots visited this year that had a watering hole at the end of the run. The Horseshoe, Perry Woods, Kent and The Plough @ Cadsden, Chilterns, Bucks.

Rocket Run- One of the runs at the back of the Plough at Cadsden, not only was it a very fast ride, we had the one and only "Rambling Rambler" giving us a rocket as we passed. With his fists clenched, I heard him say "Grr those bloody kids.. you could kill somebody!"

Ice Cream- Deep in the Chilterns, we found that Evilc's brand new water bladder had a puncture or three. Given that it was one of the warmer days of the year, our luck was in when we came across an ice cream van a few hundred meters from where we had parked the car....Cool!

Boneshaker- This was going to be based on a couple of rides, one in the Chilterns and the other in Kent. However, having found a run at Martha's hill last weekend which had everything from gnarly roots to larger than average rocks, concrete blocks and other features, including a brick berm and a log gulley. It was a real shake down of the senses; you didn't want to slam for fear of breaking bones.

Perfect Day 1- Secret spot in Devon where I spent the morning boarding and the afternoon surfing.

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