Monday, November 30, 2009

Friday Turned Out Fine

After setting up the blog Friday lunch time, I was waiting for the "taxi call" to pick the wife up from work. Looked at the clock and thought, I'll be the good husband and went to collect her.

On arrival I was told "Go straight to the pub, if you pass a cashpoint please collect some money and don't talk to any strangers".

Ended up having a good chat with the wifes collagues about art, moutainboarding and dinner amongst other subjects.

On arrival home, we both nominated curry as the "take out of the week". When I got to the curry house the queue was pretty much out of the door and down the Farnham Road, almost as far as the eye could see..... After phoning through my order, a couple of local lads in the queue offered me up some brandy as they were waiting for a table. We got talking about football, payday and forty minutes soon passed.

It was one of those moments that you don't forget, Slough may not be the prettiest of places but it's got a colossal community spirit.

Curry lived up to it's usual high standard and the evening turned into the start of another weekend......

Friday, November 27, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I had been talking with friends about taking a "day off". We had an idea that we would go surfing or explore the hills or just find a new place to view art, test beer and review all those "best laid plans".

My boss agreed to me taking a long weekend and then I looked at the weather report.... cold, wet and pretty miserable on all fronts.

A few calls, several emails and a couple of texts later, it appeared that everybody was otherwise engaged or had limited time on their day off.

After spending the morning painting, drinking a bucket load of coffee and procastinating about what else to acheive an inspired thought appeared.

Today could be the perfect opportunity for me to do something different, maybe create something new, venture into unknown territory or attempt to record my "Day Off" in a media friendly way.

An online meeting place to discuss, ask or free up some thoughts on what happens on a "day off".

Today's picture title is "If I wasn't painting I'd be surfing......"